Prototype as a Service

Proton Labs Prototyping as a Service (PaaS)TM - model brings ideas to market in a phased and continuous approach thus controlling risks and costs for clients whilst maximizing value propositions.

Making your great ideas come alive

Proton Labs creates professional prototypes that can be showed to end-users, investors, and partners. Prototyping as a Service by Proton Labs includes a unique approach to fast-tracking business requirements, iterative design and agile technology developments thus reducing start-ups costs for entrepreneurs, commercial feasibility costs for R&D organisations and trial costs for Multinationals.

The process

Prototype as a Service reflects the quick validation approach taken directly from the concepts of Lean Startup ® and Customer Development. The model embraces the idea of MVP, rapid prototyping, A/B testing, and usability testing — closely integrating business, design and technology into one multi-faceted process. The diagram below demonstrates how the Prototype as a Service model combines the three areas of business, design and technology.