Prototype as a Servicetm

Making your great ideas come alive

PaaS for Start-Ups and SMEs

Prototyping for start-ups and SMEs can convert ideas and concepts into high-potential business propositions. PaaS by Proton Labs includes business MVP focus, interface and usability design, and technologies that can scale in case of fast market adoption.

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PaaS for R&D Organisations

PaaS is suited to further develop and commercialize applied R&D and its prototypes from academia and R&D units in companies. Having a strategic view of national and European R&D, Proton Labs can also prospect, write proposals, and project manage and take part in commercial R&D activities in collaboration with its clients.

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PaaS for Multinationals

A Multinational Corporation can convert internal innovation held by its divisions by tapping into Proton Labs PaaS model. Innovative ideas and processes can be converted into business prototypes than can be showcased to internal decision-makers for further investment and development.

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