Multinational Corporations

A Multinational Corporation can convert internal innovation held by its divisions by tapping into Proton Labs PaaS model. Innovative ideas and processes can be converted into business prototypes than can be showcased to internal decision-makers for further investment and development.

Proton Labs helps Multinational Corporations to convert innovative ideas and processes into working prototypes. Such prototypes include high-quality UX and UI design  – so that business propositions can be validated by internal decison makers. Proton Labs Prototype as a Service model also supports incremental technology development often required by Multinationals.


  • Information Gathering for Minimum Viable Product plan
  • MVP project plan
  • MVP development
  • Business Case based on analytics
  • Incremental development


  • Knowledge and insights into product development
  • Integrated services – business MVP + Design + Technology
  • Supports early internal promotion of MVP by MNC representatives without huge impact on internal resource