Start-ups & SMEs

Prototyping for start-ups and SMEs can convert ideas and concepts into high-potential business propositions. PaaS by Proton Labs includes business MVP focus, interface and usability design, and technologies that can scale in case of fast market adoption.

Validating Assumptions

Startups operate in a context of extreme uncertainty. It’s vitally important for a them to quickly validate their business assumptions. This simple fact pushes startup teams to get to validated hypotheses faster by putting more emphasis on the user experience and business learnings. Getting to know your customers by using customer development techniques to understand their needs is key at the earliest stages of your startup.

Proton Labs work closely with startup founders to identify the simplest product that will solve their customers’ problems (MVP). The goal is to learn and find a successful product through repeated cycles of “build-measure-learn”. The idea is to learn as quickly as possible to reduce risk and wasted time, effort and money.

User Experience first

Prototype as a Service process reflects a very specific approach to UX by discovering product features, done in conjunction with customer development — to the user, the interface is the application.

Multiple platforms

The web has changed and so did the ways we use it. The internet has essentially become an operating system, with multiple, diverse terminals; desktop, tablet, mobile, tv. This reflects in our platform-agnostic approach.


Proton Labs team brings multiple engineering skills together. Our developers have expertise in many diverse programming languages, frameworks and environments, both client and server-side.