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Prototype as a Service – an evolution in innovation

Mon, Apr 15, 2013


Years of experience working with multinational teams has resulted in the creation of our own model of work called “Prototype as a Service (PaaS)”. As we specialise in developing different types of applications, both web based and mobile, for startups, R&D institutions and multinational companies, we bring ideas to market in a phased and continuous approach, thus controlling risks and costs for clients, whilst maximizing value propositions. The goal is to provide MVPs that can be shown to end-users, investors, and partners.

Our PaaS model embraces the idea of MVP, rapid prototyping, A/B testing, and usability testing — closely integrating business, design and technology into one multi-faceted process, taking into account that, due to funding, systems start-ups usually operate under conditions of extreme uncertainty. It’s vitally important for them to quickly validate their business assumptions. So getting to know their customers by using customer development techniques to understand their needs is key at the earliest stages of their start-up. 

Work on a PaaS project starts with the Product Discovery phase, combined with Customer Discovery, which is mostly about defining your target groups, their needs and features that are essential for MVP to be a valuable solution for them. The PaaS model also represents a very specific approach to UX by discovering product features, which is done in conjunction with customer development. The goal of this phase is to create a detailed product specification, with a package of wireframes and mock-ups ready to develop, together with time and money valuation.

The production phase includes parallel activities in all fields of product development. The business development team focuses on value proposition, customer validation and creating the right business model. The goal here is to define a product that fits customers needs, test it as soon as possible, learn from that and improve features in the earliest stage.

The Prototype as a Service model is designed not only to fit the requirements of start-ups, but also international corporations with complex decision processes and multilevel structures that require lots of data and analytics prior to actual resolution. We help Multinational Corporations to convert innovative ideas and processes into working prototypes. Such prototypes include high-quality UX and UI design – so that business propositions can be validated by internal decision makers. Prototype as a Service model also supports the incremental technology development often required by Multinationals.

Another group of our clients are R&D institutions or R&D departments in companies. Working with talented R&D teams, we leverage their coding skills by helping them develop simple, effective and beautiful software solutions. We develop and commercialise their ideas and help them write proposals, manage projects.

The PaaS model has already been proven in several start-ups which are launching their applications right now and we are currently in the process of implementing the PaaS model in several incubators, working closely with R&D institutions.

This simple solution combines the full range of services necessary for fledgling projects – providing technical facilities, a team of designers and business consultants.

You just need to have the idea!

PS. If you do have one, let us know!