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Hello world! The machine has risen!

Tue, May 13, 2014

Video Bots roll out!

VBOT Really Smart Video Platform records, manages, and plays back mobile videos the smart way. With fast and simple video workflows, VBOT enables real-time video applications over all platforms – smartphones, tablets, browsers & smart TV.

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Innovation framework for health care applications

Sun, Apr 27, 2014

Proton Labs developed a secure cloud-based platform and applications – iOS and Android – for CP Passport for clinicians and patients to log, report and comment on cerebral palsy treatment.

CP Passport iOS application

CP Passport iOS application


Such end-to-end solution generates big data for both clinicians and parents to make informed timely decision between appointments and follow-ups. It also helps generate accurate data as a foundation for personal, relevant and convenient clinical advice.

The platform and applications are powered by Microsoft Azure infrastructure that is designed for data protection, data privacy, data regulations specific for each national territory. The platform also has clinical grading to scale into more applications and features.




Personalised Video Commerce for brands

Sun, Oct 27, 2013

Proton Labs has designed and prototyped an end-to-end commerce platform for bands wanting to connect to their fan base via their own channels – emails, apps, sms and browsers.

Bandstand iPad Interface

Bandstand iPad Interface

The end-to-end solution is native app centric so that band features and services to their fan groups can be further expanded as tablets and smartphones develop more capabilities: storage, processing speeds, native extensions to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,….

Get it touch if you want to hear about Proton Labs commerce features that will be introduced in Bandstand applications.



Prototype as a Service – an evolution in innovation

Mon, Apr 15, 2013


Years of experience working with multinational teams has resulted in the creation of our own model of work called “Prototype as a Service (PaaS)”. As we specialise in developing different types of applications, both web based and mobile, for startups, R&D institutions and multinational companies, we bring ideas to market in a phased and continuous approach, thus controlling risks and costs for clients, whilst maximizing value propositions. The goal is to provide MVPs that can be shown to end-users, investors, and partners.

Our PaaS model embraces the idea of MVP, rapid prototyping, A/B testing, and usability testing — closely integrating business, design and technology into one multi-faceted process, taking into account that, due to funding, systems start-ups usually operate under conditions of extreme uncertainty. It’s vitally important for them to quickly validate their business assumptions. So getting to know their customers by using customer development techniques to understand their needs is key at the earliest stages of their start-up.  (more…)